We believe
Transparancy, Interaction and Respect for our environment and the buildings we use, live and create daily. We have actually come a long way to understand that we need to change the way we occupy our earth urgently. Finite resources, climate change and population growth has led us to bio-based economies, building with nature an most of all: to take care of nature. Not only to stop polluting but alsno to stop turning mother earth into concrete.
The world is yours
There is an abundance of creative engineers in our world. Multitudes of research is being conducted looking into new ways of building construction, food development, energy reduction and storage, water re-usage, travelling, living, recreation and so on. Let’s be creative together and combine our geniuses. New networks, new approaches. We believe we can do it just as mankind has always done, over time, even without the necessity. Let’s call upon many regimes out there to change.
To design and build
From the cities of Rotterdam to Singapore we have recently started our development company and now we have already begun engineering and studying spectacular new design requests from all parts of the world. Please help us to develop more and better. Feel free to write to us and participate in better usage of the scarce resources we have. See our blogs or create a new blog.

healthy food production,
we’ve changed the game

Aiming for a new, reachable and above all important goal is a great challenge. Take a look at our innovative floating farm for instance.


Floating Farm is producing and handling fresh milk very close to the consumers in the city to fresh dairy products. We reduce the transport and logistics and save the environment with greenhouse gasses.


Floating Farm is a stable  production farm where we produce daily fresh dairy products, but also a high-tech living lab where we research with several technology partners a better food production process, waste  and water treatment.


Besides our daily dairy production we emphasize the education on healthy food to children and all visitors.

We design and create iconic, innovative, sustainable buildings and landscapes on the water. Have a look at our projects and feel free to reach out to us with ideas.

Dokhotel – Water sewage system – Floating farm – The Sphere – Cruise terminal

About us
In order to carry a positive action, we must develop a positive vision

Beladon BV is a property development company based in the Netherlands whose vision is to design and construct iconic, sustainable floating buildings that connect people to their social and physical environments, offering them a personalised, transparent and interactive experience. Our engineering and design principals are in line with nature’s biggest challenges concerning Energy, Food, Water & Waste. Visit our projects, feel free to comment or add ideas, areas, necessities that we can or must improve. Let’s work together towards a more realistic, ecological stay on planet Earth.


We know the world is continuing to grow in terms of population growth. The latest predictions reach towards 9 billion people (2 billion more than today). This growth will take place in the big (delta) cities, creating great pressure on the demand for food, water and energy, and consequently on dwellings as well. Where will we be able to live safely, cleanly that is also a healthy environment? How and where can we construct these houses without destroying basic necessities like farmland and essential water resources? How can we overcome aquifer depletion and further sinking of cities?

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